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Next project in pipeline, will be a web series, based on the biopic on Mumbai based Head Constable Mr Rajesh Pandey : Director Harsh Chauhan

Debutant director Harsh Chauhan creates a gripping tale of a folk musician’s redemptive journey through the complex matrix of life, music and mania in his debut film “Karmanye”. Set in the  holy  city  of  Varanasi, where  one  is  perpetually  surrounded  by  deities  and  rituals,  remaining  virtuous  is  as important to survival as piousness is Written by Chittaranjan giri, Karmanye delicately explores the untoward maniacal disposition of a musician, stirred within him on the ground of an accidental slip of morality.
The story revolves round Prabhu, a folk singer (played by Chittaranjan Giri) for whom,  the  fragile  delineation  between  virtue and  vice blurs one night, when he  is  provoked   into   an  impulsive   liaison  of  lesser  consequence.And it results in himanimpossible psychosis that throws his life off guard and his musical career, a descending helix. Karmanye also features Ashawini Giri, Akash Sagar Chopra and Shivaanii Rai in pivotal roles.
Produced by Poonam Singh and Harsh Chauhan under their production company “Kaveman Kreates Pvt ltd, this film has already caught the attention of many, as it will make its World Premiere at the prestigious “Ottawa Indian film festival 2023”, which starts from 13th June-17th June, where it will be competing against 11 other films. Along with this, it will also make its Africa premiere at Zanzibar International film Festival (ZIFF-2023) scheduled from June 24- 2 July 2023.
Making its presence in the prestigious CII MOVIE GUIDE AT CANNES-2023 catalogue, which is a compendium of India films which are ready for sales and syndication which was released and distributed to all the participants and sales agents visiting CII pavilion at Cannes this year. Karmanye is surely making waves in the right way.
Director Harsh Chauhan who is also the DOP of Karmanye, states,” through this film I wish to deliver the inspiring message of hope on the face of extreme and apparently irreparable adversity.  The  cinematic canvas brings forth the indomitable  power  of  possibility  even  in  moments  of  abysmal  crisis.  The film’s unicity is its   uncluttered simplicity and   an intensely   felt humanness, its    authentic   intimacy    to   the   people   of   Varanasi.  The   film   portrays realism through modest and sensible cinematography.  For me,  Karmanye  is  a  one   beautiful  journey,  where  the  protagonist  and  the  director  have  walked  together  experiencing  the  wonder  of  transformation  in unison.  The relationship is symbiotic, where we have drawn from each other. It holds and will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Karmanye’s music is composed by flutist Naveen Kumar, Abdhesh Goswami and Vidit Tanvar. Co-produced by Charul Barot of Parmah Pictures.  Sound design is done by Manas Choudhury.  Subir Das has done the re-mixing and editing is by Gaurav Arora.
Co-produced by Jitendra Mishra, and his company “Cinema4good”, of Last Colour fame, will oversee its sales, distribution, and film festivals,  KARMANYE  is all set to make its presences felt in the contemporary film circuit.
“Having our own production company gave us enough freedom to bring out “Karmanye-The Bird of Passage”, a small budget independent film that was borne out of sheer love of film making”, says Producer Poonam Singh. With extremely limited budget and even limited crew members, it was an experience of life time. As the producer, it was an enriching experience for me to know that if we have enough zeal, no constrain can stop you from achieving your goals. For me film making is and will always be the highest form of creative expression. With many other projects in pipeline, I would love to keep pursuing my dream to bring forth best cinematic experience through our work and perseverance.

Talking further about her next project in pipeline, will be a web series, based on the biopic on Mumbai based Head Constable Mr Rajesh Pandey’s remarkable work of solving intriguing missing cases from around Mumbai, giving him the title of “Devdoot, Mesiah, Sherlock Holmes by none other than his own seniors, resulting in bringing out a Module in his name called, “Panday Module”.  
                Mr Rajesh Pandey
Director Harsh Chauhan tells Some details about the festivals where they are participating
OIFFA is the National Capital’s and Eastern Canada’s most preeminent festival dedicated to Indian cinema and all things Indian, with its usual five-day competitive showcase of multi-genre Indian films as well as its roster of events, special screenings, contests, Q&As and workshops. Since 2017, the Festival has been extremely pleased to cultivate an audience for Indian cinema and Indian culture not only in Ottawa, but throughout Canada and North America.
OIFFA was designed and built as a community artefact, providing audiences with an experience unlike any other; one that not only rewards, but also advances careers. We continue to build our reputation as a vehicle for networking and promoting local talent, filmmakers, distributors and producers. Helping lay a foundation for new and upcoming authors from around the world, we create unique opportunities to engage sector leaders to mentor and coach as well as inspire and entertain our community to help break ethnic barriers and encourage cross-cultural exchanges.

We put a specific emphasis on connecting with each and every one of our community members, whatever their language or cultural background. We help them fall in love with the experiences they’ve had at OIFFA and continue to find new opportunities to express themselves. We also provide unique learning and growth opportunities for youth and early‐stage filmmakers. We strongly believe that the Festival belongs to all of us, and we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to be part of our beautiful journey.

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